Midnight Club: Los Angeles Review

Midnight Club: Los Angeles Review

Midnight Club is fast, beautiful, and way too hard.

Why I think Midnight Club LA is overrated | Racing Marathon 2021 | KuruHS

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Midnight Club Los Angeles is the last game in the franchise so far. Let’s see how it holds up more than 10 years later!

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PS3 Midnight Club Los Angeles Complete Edition Review — ReviewZoneHD

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I Played Midnight Club Los Angeles In 2022 And Its Still An Outstanding Arcade Racing Game

Welcome back to another episode of Under10Hours! In this video, we take a look at Midnight Club: Los Angeles, an iconic racer from Rockstar Games released in 2008.

We see how the series evolved for the then-new Xbox 360 and PS3, and I discuss why it has quickly become one of my favorite arcade racers ever made.

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What KILLED The Midnight Club Games?

Midnight Club is the hit racing series that too many people forget about. As a very different Rockstar game, it won over many fans. But where did it go?
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