Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter Cheats For PlayStation 2 Xbox PlayStation 4

Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter Cheats For PlayStation 2 Xbox PlayStation 4

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Star Wars™: Jedi Starfighter™

Star Wars Jedi Starfighter PlayStation 2 Gameplay


Star Wars Jedi Starfighter All Bosses Xbox

All Bosses:
1. Harro Ruuk
2. Lieutenant Bella
3. Captain Toth
4. Duergo

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Star Wars Jedi Starfighter One Level Playthrough using a Ps2 Cheat Code 😀

This is a one-level playthrough of Star Wars Jedi Starfighter using the classic cheat code method of using your controller buttons to create various cheats 😀

In order to find cheat codes like this I went to this amazing website below:

Link: http://www.cheatcodes.com/ps2/

The type of cheat code I will be using today is basically:

When you are on the Main Menu go to the Options screen, then go to the code screen 😀 Then at this point enter the following phase:

Max Health: QUENTIN.

At this point, the word invincible mode will appear & not even Anakin Skywalker could take you down in a dog fight haha

Hopefully, after viewing this cheat code in action, it will convince you to buy the game and try it out for yourself 😀